Library Budget Vote

    Voters in the East Hampton Library District, which includes the East Hampton, Springs, and Wainscott School Districts, will vote on Saturday on a nearly $2 million budget for 2013, an increase of just over $120,000 over this year’s budget.
    According to the proposed budget summary, personnel expenses comprise the largest increase in spending, $105,000 more than this year for a total of almost $1.4 million.
    The library has begun construction on its 6,800-square-foot addition, which will include dedicated space for young adults. It plans to hire a part-time librarian to work with them. “That age group has never had its own place in the building,” said Dennis Fabiszak, the library’s director. “During finals, we would close the entire library for students to come in and study after school and there was a huge response.”
    Mr. Fabiszak expects construction of the new wing to be completed by Memorial Day 2013.
The library also plans to hire a part-time custodian.
    Materials make up the second highest increase in the 2013 budget, $10,900 more for a total of $135,000.
“When it’s broken down by the three districts, it’s only about a $7.50 rise in an individual’s tax,” said Mr. Fabiszak. “Since 1995, many residents and library board members have donated close to $15 million, which has lessened the need for taxpayer assistance.”
    “This is only the third time we’ve asked for an increase,” said Mr. Fabiszak. “We didn’t ask for an increase at all last year.”
    Voting will be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the library.