Inspector Resigns

    Tom Lawrence, a code enforcement officer for East Hampton Village, has resigned effective Feb. 15. At its meeting last Friday, the village board accepted his resignation and authorized payment of $33,066.60 for “unused accumulated time, pursuant to employee agreement.”
    Mr. Lawrence is stepping down after 161/2 years with the village. “If you’re very fortunate, you recognize opportunities and possibilities for change, and that’s basically where we’re at,” Mr. Lawrence told The Star. Mr. Lawrence and his wife are approaching their 29th anniversary, he said, and his youngest child will graduate from college in May. “It’s a really good opportunity for us to refocus. To be sure, I will miss working with the village — absolutely consummate professionals, led by an amazing team of elected officials. They really are top-shelf through and through,” he said.
    Mr. Lawrence described his role with the village as “essentially an expanded building inspector,” addressing coastal erosion, flood management, and beach preservation. In this role, he worked with the village board, the design review board, and the zoning board of appeals. “It never got boring,” he said.
    His salary was approximately $89,000 per year.
    Larry Cantwell, the village administrator, told The Star that the board of trustees is evaluating whether and how to replace Mr. Lawrence, suggesting that a successor could be hired on a full-time, part-time, or seasonal basis