“Women in
Long Island’s Past”

Natalie A. Naylor
History Press, $19.99

    Two thousand and twelve wasn’t a particularly good year for the literary novel, and I’m not sure what it says that so much of this year’s good reading centered on crime fiction. Nevertheless, there is little...

“May We Be Forgiven”
A.M. Homes
Viking, $27.95

   It has been well established that the Internet, for all its wonders, early on fell into the wrong hands and since then has tended to bring out the worst in people. Rage, for one thing, as Bill Henderson of Springs points out in his...

    It’s a common enough experience. In junior high a kid wakes up to find his body transformed. Or . . . something. How about into an oversized reptile?

“Paris: A Love Story”
Kati Marton
Simon & Schuster, $24

The Other Matthiessen
    He’s got the same long, patrician face, wavy hair, and, at least in his author photo, the familiar denim button-down. Not unlike a certain Sagaponack nature writer and Zen...

“Walking Sideways”
Judith S. Weis
Cornell University Press, $29.95

“Steinbeck in Vietnam”
Edited by Thomas E. Barden
University of Virginia Press, $29.95