For Ye of Some Faith
    “Recipes for a Sacred Life” may sound like one of those self-help books that will boost your wellness best if bypassed, but in fact it’s a collection of true...

“Nature Wars”
Jim Sterba
Broadway Books, $14.95

    Last September, deer became a deeply personal issue for me, and I crossed over to the other side, where I’...

“Cries of the Lost”
Chris Knopf
Permanent Press, $28

     A smartphone is a useful tool, although, say, reading a novel on one might leave something to be...

    When James Whitfield Thomson hemmed and hawed in describing just what his new novel, “Lies You Wanted to Hear,” was about, his daughter challenged him to think in terms of what would go on a movie poster. His answer...

“From Scratch”
Allen Salkin
G.P. Putnam’s Sons, $27.95

    In the age of slow food, cooking reality shows, gourmet magazines, epicurean specialty shops, food...

“In Pinelight”
Thomas Rayfiel
TriQuarterly, $18.95

    “In Pinelight,” the sixth novel by Thomas Rayfiel, is narrated by an old, crotchety man living in...

“Death of the Black-Haired Girl”
By Robert Stone
    Even B+ Robert Stone is better than almost everybody else. The setup is conventional: an affair between a student and...

    What follows is an excerpt from the poet Philip Schultz’s new “novel in verse,” more than 10 years in the making and due out from W.W. Norton in February. In it, a young man hides from the Vietnam draft by...

“The Most of
Nora Ephron”

Alfred A. Knopf, $35