David Margolick on “Dreadful”
    Here’s a title to prick up your ears: “Dreadful: The Short Life and Gay Times of John Horne Burns.” Burns, a conflicted man of no small measure...

Jeff Nichols
CreateSpace, $9.99

“Murder on Long Island”
Geoffrey K. Fleming
and Amy K. Folk
History Press, $19.99

Claire Reed Toughs It Out
    Claire Reed left behind a privileged life of country clubs and golf outings to wade hip deep into the feminist fights, civil rights struggles, and disarmament movement of the...

“Bad Boy”
Eric Fischl
Crown, $26

   One of the lasting impressions I have of Eric Fischl was a night at the Parrish Art Museum, where he was in discussion with an adjunct...

Mac Griswold on “The Manor”

Kids’ Reviewers Impaneled
    Reviewing children’s books: all delicacy and tact, or a merciless weeding out? At the Amagansett Library on Saturday, a panel of reviewers will discuss what makes a...

Charles Dubow
William Morrow, $25.99

   There are no perfect lives. Even people who seem to have it all, whose births appear to have set them on a course that...

“Lily Steps Out”
Rita Plush
Penumbra, $10.99

   Rita Plush is a first-time novelist making a bold go of it. In “Lily Steps Out,” Ms. Plush has chosen a story clearly...