“I see a traffic light and I break out in hives. They’re always changing. You never know what’s going to come next. One second they’re green. Then who knows what.” Roy nodded. A nod that said he...

      Brian McKenna slowly counted a dozen roses in the crystal vase atop the now empty office desk. Their crimson color gave him a sense of comfort, like a red beacon marking a return to a sheltered harbor.


We were startled by raccoons
making a racket
in the middle of the night
in the kitchen
eating Marmite
and cat kibble
Luden’s cough drops too
(did they have the sniffles?)


    Wild turkeys, dull brown and nondescript except for their bizarre prehistoric configuration, strange bulk, unexpected arrival, walk presumptuously up the long driveway toward the house. The sun is...

    The words came out of my mouth exactly the way my older and only brother, Jim, had enthusiastically demonstrated.

    “Shut it, fat boy!” I firmly said.

    “If we miss the boat, goddammit, it’s your fault,” warned Dad as he floored the pedal of his prized ’55 Buick convertible to 70 in the slow zone known as a speed trap. It was the final stretch of the...

When the colors turn
how we love to watch
your Redbirds take flight
your Red Sox gallivant

but one could only find
but one African-American
sprinting on your green grass
sitting on your...

    This morning: A tree down on every other street blocking the roads I traveled in Queens.

    This evening: A tree down on every other street blocking the roads I traveled in Queens.

“I came to see what the new girl made for dinner,” said the Devil, standing among the maimed cooks in his Hell’s kitchen.

    “Me?” I asked innocently.