While we see if Hurricane Matthew, a humdinger of a storm in the Caribbean Sea as of Monday, comes to us or spins off toward Europe, it’s a good time to go over some of the coastal terms that we have all heard from past experiences, but may have faded into the non-recall department.
False albacore, bluefish, and striped bass aggressively feed on bay anchovies, but it is a challenge for surfcasters to find a castable lure that matches their petite size and profile.
A great number of striped bass over 40 pounds have been caught locally so far this season. Among these cow bass are several that weighed over 50 pounds, which for many serious anglers is the dividing line between a large and true trophy fish.
Paddle Diva has appealed to the East Hampton Town Zoning Board of Appeals to reverse a decision by the town’s head building inspector in March that her operation at the Shagwong Marina on Three Mile Harbor constitutes an illegal expansion of its use.
It’s the season for migrating monarch butterflies.
The Northeast Canyons and Sea­mounts Marine National Monument, located 130 miles southeast of Cape Cod, became the first marine national monument in the Atlantic Ocean through designation by President Obama under the 1906 Antiquities Act.
In the 1940s almost every family on the North Fork had at least one dog and one cat. Many families kept a larger menagerie — pigs, chickens, goats, cows, and sometimes a horse or two. Horses were an extravagance; you couldn’t eat them nor did they give milk or lay eggs, and they were no longer needed to pull plows and other farm implements, having...
America is making progress at bringing back lost species of flowers and plants, while simultaneously better protecting animal species that were most vulnerable. The gray wolf and grizzly bear, two species that were approaching extinction in the latter quarter of the 20th century, are now becoming so common in some areas that several states allow...
The crowds that came to Montauk Point to witness the wild surf created by Tropical Storm Hermine were greeted by something large and white beached under the Lighthouse at Turtle Cove. Not a whale but a 27-foot Stamas fishing boat with twin 225-horsepower Yamaha outboard engines. Its name was Living the Dream.
Resting comfortably in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” side of the aisle, I’m a somewhat slow adopter of new fishing tackle technologies.
I led a nature walk at Shadmoor State Park for a nice couple from Amagansett who won the walk in the East Hampton Ladies Village Improvement Society auction held on July 30. Their son and a girlfriend, as well as another woman friend and her son, also accompanied us. I took my large white towel along and swept the vegetation on the sides of the...
All animals of a species have culture. If we accept the notion that plants communicate with one another underground via mycorrhizal connections, plants also have culture. In evolution, not only does a species adapt to changing climes and competition by evolving adaptations — as a fish evolving lungs to become an amphibian — but a species also...
Around this time of year, bogus sightings of false albacore begin to percolate among hopeful fishermen. Anglers eager for a tussle with the line-peeling speedster confuse pods of marauding bluefish for their prize. Eyes see what they want to see when falsie fever spreads around the East End.