Monday night’s rain, though much less than an inch, was just enough to keep the broad-leaved trees from beginning to turn pale green.
Doctors for centuries have suspected that sea air has recuperative powers. They’ve directed patients with a wide range of ailments to head for the shore. Back in 1894, the English medical journal The Lancet offered that “those who are languid and debilitated from over-work or long-continued strain obtain benefit from sea air.”
The name menhaden is derived from a blend of Native American words that mean “he fertilizes,” which refers to the fish’s early use as fertilizer, including by the pilgrims in the early-17th century.
The dog days of summer are supposed to wait until mid-August, but decided to come in July this year. Ouch! Having said that, the way the climate has been heating up in this decade, come August, the days could get even doggier.
If the fish are hanging 75 yards offshore, most anglers can expect a long and frustrating day on the beach. Unless, of course, they own a new, expensive bait launcher.
There is a very pretty grove of green-leafed trees with bright red-brown flowers and developing fruit on the west end of Long Beach in Noyac, less than 75 feet from the lapping waters of Noyac Bay. On Monday I examined them and found them to be trees of heaven, Ailanthus altissima. I see scores of trees of this species every time I ride along one...
One doesn’t need a boat to fish the East End. There are many productive saltwater and freshwater spots from Montauk to East Hampton where anyone with the right gear, a little local knowledge, and persistence can catch fish for fun or for the table.
Five traditional boats, tools, and maritime equipment will be for sale on Saturday when the East End Classic Boat Society holds its annual fair from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Hartjen-Richardson Community Boat Shop at 301 Bluff Road, Amagansett, behind the East Hampton Town Maritime Museum.
We are well into summer. It’s been warm, almost hot. The worst is yet to come. We’ve had just enough rain to make the oaks, hickories, maples, sassafras, and the rest of our native trees as lush as lush can be. I’ve been giving them all a 10 as I drive past and through them, which is unprecedented, but I may becoming dotty or too sentimental.
Mary Lee is a 16-foot, 3,456-pound great white shark. She’s about the size of a Honda Accord, or an Audi A5, for those who favor European rides. Mary Lee was captured, satellite tagged, and released on Sept. 17, 2012, in the waters surrounding Cape Cod by OCEARCH, a marine research organization that focuses on keystone marine species including...
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No two springs or summers are the same. June may continue the string of warmest months since records have been kept. It was also dryer than usual. Do high temperatures and droughts go hand in hand? There used to be a local guru I could call for answer that question, but Long Island’s most longstanding and celebrated weatherman, a farmer and...
Perhaps during no other time in the history of modern man have so many people from so many countries and territories been on the move to seek new lands in which to live. This is the age of emigration and immigration, born of choice, vocational opportunity, the need to survive, mostly the latter. But it’s not just humans that are on the move. With...