County Urges Visitors Not to Delay Leaving

    Suffolk authorities have recommended that people who are thinking of leaving the area not wait until the last minute.

     In a news release Friday afternoon, the East Hampton Town Police Department said that county officials had asked it to notify residents as well as hotel guests that long delays are to be expected on westbound roads due to the evacuation of Fire Island and other low-lying areas.

     The Town of East Hampton has not issued an calls for voluntary evacuations or announced the locations of shelters for those who choose to leave their homes in exposed places. It did announce the two town waste-transfer stations will be open Wednesday to accept debris in the aftermath of Hurricane Irene. The facilities had been closed Wednesdays since early this year as a budget-cutting measure.


So if NYC has already ordered mandatory evacuations, and Southampton has, too, why not East Hampton? no announcement of shelters yet in EH? why? The shoreline is likely to be badly hit even if the winds aren't that bad -- isn't that what the experts are saying this afternoon?