Hurricane Advisory From East Hampton Town

Hurricane Irene Advisory
August 26, 2011

Due to the National Weather Service warning of the potential danger to East Hampton from Hurricane Irene, the Town of East Hampton strongly urges all local businesses to prepare themselves and their clientele for this potential significant weather event.
Suffolk County is asking us to notify residents and motel/hotels to expect long delays on the roads going west starting today. This is due to the evacuation of Fire Island and other low lying southerly areas further west. The county recommends that people looking to leave our area do not wait till the last minute.
With such a storm, we can expect damaging winds, extreme surf conditions, local flooding and aggressive currents.
The Town of East Hampton is monitoring all weather services. Under certain conditions, evacuations would be recommended. Such voluntary evacuations ensure ample time for safe egress on the Route 27 evacuation route.
Predicting what will happen with Hurricane Irene is indeed uncertain. However, caution must be stressed and care must be taken. We would ask you to turn to WLNG – 92.1 on the FM band and LTV-Channel 22 for the latest in local area emergency weather announcements.