Southampton Town Hurricane Advisory Aug. 25

PREPARED BY: LT Robert P. Iberger, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator DATE: 08/25/11

For Immediate release:
Southampton Town Emergency Preparedness in conjunction with the Town Supervisor’s Office is monitoring the progression of Hurricane Irene as Town Department Heads and other Emergency Responders are taking necessary actions on the Town level to prepare for the possible impact of this storm.

Residents also need to take actions to prepare for themselves.

We encourage residents and visitors alike to continue to pay attention to the development and projected track of Hurricane Irene and expected weather conditions during the next few days.

There are a number of models projecting the track including some that bring it across Long Island.

Should that be the case residents may have to face loss of power and inaccessible roadways possibly for a number of days if this storm reaches us as a hurricane or strong tropical system.

Sunday is only 3 days away but there is still ample time to take actions relating to securing household and yard items, boats and other craft that might need to be secured, to review family plans, plan for pets and other animals, pick up water, medicines, non-perishable foods, additional batteries and supplies and to make contact with anyone you may need to stay with if you live in an area that likely would be evacuated (Coastal areas, low lying areas, mobile homes or any other location in which you do not feel safe.) Also charge batteries, top off fuel tanks.

Pay attention to messages from your local officials. Have a battery powered radio on hand.
Listen to local radio stations that provide updated information.

This is also a good time to scan through your copy of the Town of Southampton Hurricane Survival Guide. For those who do not yet have a copy of the Southampton Town Hurricane Survival Guide one can be picked up at Southampton Town Hall or downloaded from the Town’s website

Residents and visitors to the Town of Southampton are also reminded that the National Weather Service has indicated that the heavy surf conditions created by Hurricane Irene may impact with increasingly strong riptides in the area on starting Thursday

Bathers are cautioned to only swim at lifeguard protected beaches during posted hours of operation and to pay heed to lifeguards and warnings which may be posted at the beaches. Bathers are further cautioned not to swim at unprotected beaches.