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Astro's Pizza
Nearly all restaurants and businesses were shuttered (and often encased in plywood) in anticipation of the hurricane, but Astro's Pizza, on Main Street in Amagansett, remained open. Surprised passersby, dressed for foul weather, filtered in for a slice. David E. Rattray
Scores of fallen trees, like this one on Dayton Lane in East Hampton Village, have been largely responsible for the extensive power outages in the wake of Irene. David E. Rattray
Erin Geismar sent followers a Tweet showing this video of seafoam in the streets of Montauk today.
Osborn-Jackson House
A tree was removed Sunday afternoon from the roof of the headquarters of the East Hampton Historical Society, on Main Street. The Osborn-Jackson House was built around 1740. Renee Palmer
Sunday morning, Montauk. Bryan Thatcher