Springs Man Charged in Connection With Teen Overdose

Jefferson D. Eames EHTPD

East Hampton Town police made an arrest Thursday in connection with a teen's overdose during a house party in Springs in late January that outraged the community. 

Police said Jefferson Davis Eames, 48, provided Xanax, a controlled substance, to a youth living at his residence and also charged him with endangering the welfare of children less than 17 years old. They also said in a press release that he violated Suffolk County's Social Host Law, "allowing children to consume alcohol at his residence." It is not yet clear who the teen was that he allegedly provided Xanax to.

Jordan Johnson, an 18-year-old former East Hampton High School student, suffered a stroke during an overdose at Mr. Eames' house on Jan. 30 during what parents called a "rave" party, where alcohol and a variety of drugs were passed around. A video on social media showed Mr. Johnson passed out 12 hours before emergency medical care was summoned to the house. He is at home after spending several weeks in a physical rehabilitation center in Manhattan.  

The situation incited anger in East Hampton, prompting a meeting at which parents discussed rampant drug use and an outcry from many who wondered why police had not held the homeowner responsible. Police have said all along that they were investigating the situation and were taking it seriously.

Mr. Eames was charged in mid-February in an unrelated matter. Thursday's arrest marks his sixth in six months.

Detectives took Mr. Eames into custody at his house on Neck Path on Thursday afternoon. During the arrest, he tried to go back into his house and close the door on investigators, they said. 

Mr. Eames is charged with one count of criminal sale of a controlled substance in the third degree, a felony, nine counts of endangering the welfare of a child, a misdemeanor, three counts of violating the county's social host law, a misdemeanor, and resisting arrest, also a misdemeanor. He is being arraigned Friday morning.

Detectives are asking anyone with information to contact them at 631-537-6989.