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Barefoot Wedding in the Water

Elizabeth Halliday and Roderic Randolph Richardson were married last Thursday. The barefoot wedding took place in the water, along the foreshore of Havens Beach in Sag Harbor. Kathleen Mulcahy, the newly elected mayor of Sag Harbor and longtime friend of the groom, officiated, her first such wedding.

Susan Wood Richardson, the groom’s stepmother, hosted an intimate gathering in Amagansett preceding the nuptials, and Alice and John Tepper Marlin, family friends, hosted the wedding reception at their house in Springs after the ceremony.

Aug 1, 2019
Nature Notes: Whales, Ho!

The dead adult humpback whale towed to the Montauk ocean beach last week is just one of several humpbacks that we have been reading about this year in the local newspapers. There have been many sightings offshore and even in Great South Bay and other estuarine water bodies.

Aug 1, 2019
Dead Humpback Whale Found Off Montauk

The whale was towed to a beach in Montauk where the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society will perform a necropsy.

Jul 26, 2019
Neil deGrasse Tyson Says Science Is Not ‘an Evil Empire’

Neil deGrasse Tyson, the decorated astrophysicist, author, and host of television shows and podcasts, has been credited with sparking public interest in science — and keeping people’s attention on it — over the last few decades. He will speak at the Spur in East Hampton Friday night.

Jul 25, 2019
Montauk Lighthouse Tower Gets a Makeover

Visitors to the Montauk Lighthouse may not notice it yet, but a tower restoration expected to cost just shy of $1.1 million is in its early stages this summer, as the Montauk Historical Society committee that oversees the national historic landmark works to raise the money to complete the project by 2021.

Jul 25, 2019
Dominy Shops Will Rise From the Dust

The newly restored Dominy family woodworking and clock shops will return to their original site on North Main Street soon after Labor Day, said Robert Hefner, East Hampton Village’s director of historic services, who is supervising their restoration, as well as the reconstruction of the Dominys’ timber-frame house, which will serve as an adjacent exhibition space.

Jul 25, 2019
Religious Vaccine Exemption Is Nixed

Parents who previously opted their children out of routine vaccinations for religious reasons will no longer be able to claim that exemption for school enrollment purposes come September.

Jul 25, 2019
New Lily Pond Lane Plan

The owners of an oceanfront property at 33 Lily Pond Lane, who are seeking permission to tear down a house in a coastal erosion hazard area and construct a new one, presented a drastically scaled-back plan for the property to the East Hampton Village Zoning Board of Appeals on July 12.

Jul 25, 2019
Explosion of the Steamship Fulton

Item of the Week From the East Hampton Library Long Island Collection

Jul 25, 2019
On Leaf Blowers and Dogs

Several proposed laws, including one that would prohibit professional landscapers from using gas-powered leaf blowers from June 1 to Labor Day, will be considered by the East Hampton Village Board at hearings on Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Jul 25, 2019