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Kalikow Dock

Thu, 05/23/2019 - 15:48


April 2, 2011


From the standpoint of someone who has sailed in the lake, the Kalikow dock creates the need for entirely new traffic patterns for those who use small types of craft (sunfish, kayak, canoe, etc.), and there are many during the summer. 

In order to navigate along the shoreline, one must now go the entire length of the Kalikow dock twice to return to the shoreline on the other side of the dock to continue the journey. Those who are uncomfortable being that far from the shore will have to turn around when they get to the dock. 

There are marinas convenient to the Kalikow property where his boats could be easily accommodated, and the zoning board should not approve an extension to the existing dock.

Removal of the boat lift (the approval of which is in question) would be an appropriate step for the zoning board to take, along with scaling back the existing dock to something less obtrusive. 

For the good of Lake Montauk,


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