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Cigars, whether inexpensive or high end, are stored in a climate-controlled room. Smoke ’Em If You Got ’Em

Customers come from near and far and at this point the general manager of London Jewelers in East Hampton can often spot them the minute they walk in. They are almost always men, and when they look at the cases of glittering jewelry and watches and rings, they suddenly seem unsure they’re in the right place. Then, with a quick glance, they see “Humidor” in big letters on a glass door to the right and shelves of cigars inside a climate-controlled, walk-in room.

Aug 29, 2018
This model bathroom for aging-in-place has grab bars and an open, curbless shower with a sturdy seat and a hand-held shower head. (The plant stand was put in place by the unknown photographer.) ‘Aging in Place’: An East End Phenomenon

Universal Design, the design of products and environments suitable for everyone, from children to the elderly, is a term increasingly heard on the East End, where retirees continue to swell the population. Put simply, it is intentionally planning houses and public spaces to meet changing needs, design that allows “aging in place.” And it is happening here.

Aug 29, 2018
Barbara Toll has two gardens, a large one, between two sides of the Watchcase factory, and a smaller one on the opposite side of her apartment. Cozy Refuge in an Old Sag Harbor Factory

When Barbara Toll, an art adviser and former gallery owner, sold her Sag Harbor house and moved into a two-bedroom condominium in the Watchcase factory in 2015, she was eager to give up the maintenance responsibilities that come with homeownership, but she wanted to retain some of the aspects of her former, beloved home.

Aug 30, 2018