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Recorded Deeds: 10.25.18

The prices below have been calculated from the county transfer tax. Unless otherwise noted, the parcels contain structures. Data provided by Suffolk Research Service of Southampton.

Oct 24, 2018
Keeping Account: 04.18.19

Dennis Downes has joined the Adam Miller Group, a Bridgehampton law firm that focuses on real estate, land use, and criminal law. The firm, founded in 2007, advises and represents clients on acquisitions, sales, leasing, planning, zoning, and financing of residential and commercial real estate.

Apr 18, 2019
Recorded Deeds 04.18.19


Seem Realty I L.L.C. to Threegreens BH L.L.C., 1718 Montauk Highway, 1.15 acres (vacant), March 11, $918,500.


W. Allen and B. Leister to H. and M. Orme, 10 Bay Colony Court, .75 acre, March 1, $1,650,000.

S. and B. Zaheer to I. Bhandari and S. Jesina, 4 Phoebe Scoy’s Road, 2.2 acres, Feb. 17, $1,870,000.


K. Bouse to D. and M. Rutkowski, 44 Kirk Avenue, .25 acre, Feb. 27, $710,000.

T. Mahl to L. Elsis, 13 Beech Hollow Court, .82 acre, Feb. 21, $1,862,000.

Apr 18, 2019
Recorded Deeds 04.25.19


CVR First L.L.C. to D. Schwartz and A. Jaffe, 83 Birchwood Lane, .73 acre, Sept. 7, $2,995,000.

D., D., and E. Atkins, Butter Construction, 504 Butter Lane, .92 acre, Sept. 14, $1,920,000.


A. Weiss (by executor) to A. and E. Sanfilippo, 36 Hampton Place, .63 acre, Sept. 14, $1,450,000.

S. Glinski and T. Cheng to A. and J. Figueroa, 44 Woodpink Drive, .55 acre, Sept. 21, $830,000.

J. and A. Grzyb to J. Hollander and S. Ducoff, 141 Swamp Road, 2.2 acres, Aug. 2, $2,085,000.

Apr 25, 2019