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Making Art in Disquieting Times

The Halsey McKay Gallery’s exhibitions in East Hampton this month offer two renditions of America and American themes that on the surface appear to diverge, but stand as bookends to the disquieting reality of daily experience.

Apr 25, 2019
Guild Hall Berenice d’Vorzon A History Beyond Walls at Guild Hall

Guild Hall’s new public database of its permanent collection has been greeted by some with surprise. It is not the multiyear project that culminated in its going live in February that raises eyebrows so much, rather it is the notion that the museum has a collection at all.

Apr 12, 2019
Hedges-Edwards Barn Now Part of Mulford Farm

The Hedges-Edwards Barn, dating from around 1770, was originally located on the west side of Main Street in East Hampton, where the library now stands. E.J. Edwards first moved it around 1910 to his nearby property on Edwards Lane.

Mar 23, 2019
Man of La Mancha Tilting at Windmills in Quogue

“Man of La Mancha,” the classic 1965 musical, will open at the Quogue Community Hall today and run through April 7. The production is the first fully staged musical in the 34-year history of the Hampton Theatre Company.

Mar 22, 2019
Renate Aller "Montain Interval" Visions of the Natural World at the Parrish

The photographs of Renate Aller and Jean-Luc Mylayne reflect an obsessive focus on the poetry and mystery of the natural world. On Sunday, the Parrish Art Museum in Water Mill will open solo exhibitions of each artist’s work that complement each other while at the same time highlighting the differences between their approaches to their subject matter.

Mar 22, 2019
Ghost in the basement? Investigating the South Fork’s Bumps in the Night

This is a story about the spiritual inhabitants of places where you might expect them — the Rogers Mansion and the Thomas Halsey Homestead, which are part of the Southampton History Museum — and a place you would not: the East Hampton Library.

Mar 21, 2019
East End in the City: Arts Fairs Scrambled, Not Broken

This year there were setbacks, cancellations, new locations, and restructurings, but the shows still went on during the 2019 New York Armory Art Week.

Mar 7, 2019
The Cowgirls Get Immersive at Home

“Voyeur,” an immersive theater piece, will take place on Saturday at a private waterfront house on the Grace Estate in East Hampton’s Northwest Woods.

Mar 7, 2019